Cyber Security

Over half of all victims of malware attacks are small to medium-sized businesses

Don’t be a statistic

It’s common for SMB owners to assume that they have little to fear from hackers and their cyber attacks because they incorrectly believe that since they have less than big companies, they will be targeted less. Unfortunately, since this belief is so common, SMBs put little to no effort into their cyber security, and cyber criminals know this. Don’t let your organization become just another victim. Let the cyber security professionals at Echelon shore up your network’s defenses so your systems, data, and reputation stay protected.

When you entrust your cyber security to Echelon, we’ll begin with a security audit that assesses and fixes any vulnerabilities in your network. Our cyber security engineers will then install powerful anti-malware, firewall, and system monitoring tools to ensure that you are protected now and in the future. Most importantly, though, Echelon provides expert cyber security training to your employees to educate them on the best ways to help keep their workplace secure and build a culture of vigilance. The best cyber security software is no match for human error, so we make your workforce your best defense

The methods Echelon’s cyber security technicians employ include:

  • Firewalls – to restrict unauthorized access
  • Anti-malware Programs – to detect and contain viruses, worms, trojans, and more
  • VPNs and Other Encryption Methods – to protect inbound and outbound data from being spied on
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and Password Management – for better endpoint security
  • In-Depth Employee Training – to prevent human error and social engineering scams

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