Backup and Disaster Recovery

A disaster striking your business isn’t a question of if, but when

We’ll make sure catastrophes are just a blip

A disaster befalling your business can seem improbable, but the sheer amount of emergency events that can cripple your company add up to it being a virtual inevitability over time. That’s because disasters come in many forms like the natural (fire, flood, electric surge), accidental (human error, equipment failure), and intentional (sabotage, burglary). The results, though, are the same: critical data lost forever, days or weeks of lost productivity and revenue, and lost customer confidence. However, a thorough and personalized disaster recovery plan coupled with powerful data backups from Echelon Technologies will get you back in business in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months.

We’ll start by setting up an advanced automated system that backs up your vital data and programs to a secure data center without adversely affecting your business processes. You won’t have to lift a finger, and you won’t even know that it’s there. Then, our knowledgeable technology consultants will work with you to draft a disaster recovery plan that outlines in detail how your business can return to full operations as quickly as possible after a data threatening event. Coupled with our fast-acting data restoration tools, Echelon will have you up and running again after little more than a hiccup.

Echelon’s backup and disaster recovery services will enable you to:

  • Rest easy knowing your business is disaster-proof
  • Protect your data at a fortified data center without losing productivity
  • Develop an action plan that empowers your business to bounce back fast
  • Train your employees so they are ready when calamity strikes

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