Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the future of productivity, collaboration, and security.

Don’t get left behind

The days of your IT being trapped by the constraints of your business’s physical location are over, thanks to the cloud. Think of the cloud as being kind of like TV. When you turn on the TV, you are not looking into a box where tiny people entertain you; all the work of acting, producing, and editing is being done elsewhere and you are just enjoying the end product. In cloud computing, the burden of storing data and running programs is outsourced to much more powerful machines at a secure data center; you simply connect to them via the internet and reap the benefits.

What can this do for your business? It’s hard to understate just how much. Since you are merely “renting” the use of powerful servers and software, the purchasing, maintenance, electricity, and security costs are all replaced with an affordable, flat monthly fee. Your employees will be able to access their files and programs from anywhere, and collaborate on them in real time. All of this and more are tailored to your business’s unique needs, and can be easily and affordably scaled up as your business grows, further reducing costs.

The many benefits of migrating to the cloud with Echelon include:

  • Reduced Costs – from license and hardware subscriptions that are a fraction of the cost of buying and maintaining them
  • Improved Efficiency – from enhanced collaboration and mobility of your employees
  • Reduced Risk – from all your hardware, software, and data being stored at a secure data center
  • Improved Productivity – from 99.9% uptime guaranteed by expert monitoring and maintenance of cloud systems

Managed Services

Hassle-free maintenance of critical IT systems

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IT Support & Consulting

IT strategy, budgeting, and planning, with 24/7 support

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Cyber Security

Virus prevention, detection, and removal, plus staff education and training

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Lower monthly pricing plus constant connectivity for voice calls

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