Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The new way to connect with customers and co-workers

Telephones powered by the internet

VoIP uses the internet, as opposed to older, limited capacity phone lines to facilitate voice communication. Not only does this eliminate long distance charges, roaming fees, and the need to deal with the phone company, but it also allows for a host of empowering features for communication devices. Advanced capabilities like mobile call routing and call recording enrich the way customers interact with you, and features like video conferencing and complete management by Echelon technicians increase employee productivity.

With a VoIP package from Echelon Technologies, you get complete installation, training, increased communication abilities, maintenance, and management, all for one affordable, all-inclusive price. No more dealing with the phone company or worrying about hidden fees like overage charges; you get unlimited minutes regardless of where in the world you are. The only thing our VoIP system needs is the internet connection you already have. On top of all of that, our systems integrate directly with your existing phones and mobile devices.

The many benefits of VoIP from Echelon include:

  • Unified communications across your locations and remote workers
  • Affordable communications through the internet; ditch the phone company
  • Compatible with all existing communication devices
  • Powerful collaboration and conferencing features
  • Constant connectivity thanks to call routing; never miss a call or fax

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